Your phone just a got a lot more neato!

Sometimes snippets of text and URLs aren't on the device you need them to be and you don't want to go through the hassle of emailing yourself. neato! fixes that by allowing you to send short bits of text or URLs from virtually any device, to virtually any device in near-instant time.

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Recent Messages

Recent Messages

So, what makes neato! so... neato?


neato! is fast. When you press that send button, it's almost at the other device instantly. We make the tubes shorter.


Whether you're a Mac guy with an Android, or an all Windows sort of lady, or you've got a mix of everything, neato! runs on it.


neato! subscribes to the Unix Philosophy: Do one thing and do it well.

Freaking neato!, how does it work?

It's pretty simple: each device that neato! is installed on gets registered to your account. Then, you just select the receiving device from the list, type or paste your message, and send it!

Plain text can be selected and edited, copied to the clipboard, e-mailed, Tweeted, or shared to any other app (on Android). Phone numbers open up the phone dialer app, pre-filled with the phone number (international numbers, even!). URLs open in the web browser. E-mail addresses open the email app. And Google Maps URLs open your mapping app. It's pretty smart!

You can send to any device from any other device, including web browsers on your computer! Send to your iPad from your HTC Android phone, or send to your Chrome browser on your Linux laptop from your Windows Phone (soon!). You can even send from your fire-sale HP TouchPad to your shiny iPhone 5.